DAC(Dasan Accounting Corporation) Corporate rehabilitation proceeding consulting team works as an investigation commissioner for Seoul, Suwon and Daegu district court. DAC has lots of experience in consulting for corporate and personal rehabilitation proceeding related works.
The process of corporate rehabilitation proceeding consulting work is as follows.
Total planning for rehabilitation
Credit review Credit report analysis Defending plan consulting against investigation work of investigation commissioner Defending plan consulting for 1st,2nd and3rd interest parties meeting
Cash managing consulting before applying Security property value analysis Credit list and credit report comparative review Profit projection for continuing company value analysis The best solution planning for debtor ,which creditors can agree
Inventory, note and manpower
Interest valuation of banks before
rehabilitation proceeding
Credit amount adjustment for each creditor Consulting for Inventory test and credit inquiry Debt payment simulation
Protecting planning
from legal problems
Guaranty debt and contingent liability review Secure value analysis for rehabilitation
secure creditors
Financial Statement closing consulting service as of beginning day of rehabilitation process Review for liability conversion to equity
Defending planning against clients,
labors and creditors
Stockholder interest review Discussion and negotiation with court and investigation commissioner Accounting and tax consulting for expecting gain of debt exemption Rehabilitation plan briefing for court
Cash and profit
analysis for 1 year
after apply
Tax credit review     Rehabilitation plan briefing for main creditors
Liquidation and continuing company value analysis Public credit review      
  Credit list documentation