Dasan Accounting Corporation (DAC) is an accounting firm with highly experienced experts in a wide range of disciplines in the fields of accounting, auditing, tax, and business consultation.

DAC seeks to successfully implement the philosophy of Jung, Yak-yong from the Joseon Dynasty, who is also known as Dasan. DAC wishes to instill the elements of Dasan’s philosophy to the staff, which are seeking truth from facts, a pioneering spirit and humanism. Along with the philosophy, DAC aims to provide the best possible service and to be trusted experts for the clients and the public.

The experts of DAC provide effective services for the clients in all phases of their practices. DAC not only follows the professional ethics, but also puts emphasis on developing our experts through professional training programs and quality control in order to offer optimal auditing, tax and business consultation to the clients.

Thank you!

Hwan Yul Ryu
CEO of Dasan Accounting Corporation